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Century Credit Processing Group specializes in credit restoration and debt settlement, helping clients improve their credit scores and achieve financial freedom.


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 Credit Restoration Company in Century Credit Processing Group

Century Credit Processing Group: A Credit Repair, Restoration, and Debt Settlement Company

A person's credit score can often be the most essential figure in their financial realm. Regrettably, a low credit score may restrict access to mortgages and auto loans while also leading to higher interest rates on any granted credits. Whether you're seeking to improve your Credit Score or restore it, Century Credit Processing Group is the ideal choice. In this article, we'll dive into their services and how Century Credit Processing Group's trustworthiness makes them stand out from other credit repair companies.

Credit Repair - Debt Settlement Company Hayden - ID

Services Offered by Century Credit Processing Group:

Century Credit Processing Group provides a selection of services that can help clients reconstruct their credit, such as:

1. Credit Counseling:

Century Credit Processing Group offers credit counseling services to provide clients with valuable insight into their current credit reports, debts, and score. This invaluable service will not only help you identify areas for improvement in your financial management skills but also arm you with the knowledge necessary to make wise decisions about your finances.

2. Debt Settlement:

Century Credit Processing Group works on behalf of its clients to help them reduce their debt and improve their credit score by negotiating with creditors for a reduced settlement amount. Through our services, we can assist you in putting your finances back in order!

3. Credit Restoration:

Here at Century Credit Processing Group, we partner with our clients to pinpoint and combat false or outdated information on their credit reports. This service allows us to help them eradicate unfavorable entries from their respective profiles while simultaneously advancing their credit scores.

4. Debt Lawsuits:

Century Credit Processing Group provides beneficial legal counsel to clients facing debt litigation. Our specialized service aids in guiding individuals through the judicial system while minimizing the effects of a lawsuit on their credit records.
To hire us for any of the above services, call us at 310-728-9741 today!

What Makes Century Credit Processing Group a Good Credit Repair Company?

Century Credit Processing Group is the leader in restoring credit and has numerous success stories to attest to its efficacy. Below are just a few of the company's accomplishments:


After many years in the credit restoration and debt management industry, Century Credit Processing Group has managed to amass an impressive list of loyal customers, a testament to their unparalleled expertise within this sector.

Range of Services:

Century Credit Processing Group provides a multitude of solutions to assist customers in managing their credit issues. Whether you need assistance with Debt Consolidation, budget planning or more, this suite of services offers something for everyone so that you can select the perfect choice that caters to your individual needs and lifestyle.


At Century Credit Processing Group, we guarantee that all credit repair methods used are compliant with the applicable laws and regulations. This way, you can rest easy knowing our services are completely legal and effective in helping to restore your creditworthiness.

Understanding Credit Repair:

Fixing Inaccuracies and Improving Your Credit Score Enhancing your credit score and correcting errors in your credit report is the cornerstone of effective credit repair. The rewards for having a good record with creditors can be manifold, from getting approved for loans more easily to being offered better terms on interest rates. Conversely, making it difficult to acquire loans or leases is but one consequence of poor debt management practices - something you should strive to avoid at all costs!

Why Should You Repair Your Credit?

Developing and maintaining a high credit score is essential for your financial stability. It signals to creditors that you are financially responsible, capable of managing debt efficiently, and trustworthy with money. This will open doors for you in terms of loan approvals and favorable interest rates on credit cards; it can even help secure housing or employment opportunities! On the contrary, having bad credit could result in rejections from banks as well as some employers.

How Do You Repair Your Credit?

Repairing your credit requires diligence and careful planning. A great first step is to review your credit report for accuracy, disputing any discrepancies with the relevant credit bureaus. Next, tackle debt head-on by paying down balances as much as you can while keeping your overall credit utilization ratio below 30%. This will signal to creditors that you are trustworthy when it comes to managing money responsibly.

Finally, you can find expert help from a credit repair business, like Century Credit Processing Group. Our top-notch Credit Counseling or optimization services will assist you in analyzing your credit report and disputing any mistakes that appear on it. We are also here to devise an effective plan with the goal of increasing your overall score.

What Makes Century Credit Processing Group the Best Credit Repair Company?

There's no doubt that most credit repair companies work really hard to make a name for themselves. Similarly, Century Credit Processing Group has invested blood, sweat, and tears to become a reputable credit repair company with a team of trained professionals in the credit field, including attorneys specializing in consumer and business debt relief. We have provided aid for thousands of clients dealing with both types of debt, which keeps us at the forefront among other credit repair companies. Our dedication has resulted in success as we continue to strive toward becoming an industry leader by providing quality services that surpass expectations.

Common Credit Repair Myths

Despite the abundance of misconceptions out there, the credit repair process is actually much simpler than you think. Let's debunk some common myths and uncover what lies beneath them:


Myth #1: Closing unused credit cards will improve your credit score.

Truth: Contrary to what you may think, closing your unused credit cards can actually hurt your credit score due to the fact that it reduces the amount of available credit and increases the ratio between the balance owed versus the total available limit.

Myth #2: You need to carry a balance on your credit card to build credit.

Truth: You don't have to pay interest on your credit card in order to construct good credit. Making sure that you always settle the balance every month (and promptly) may aid you in setting up a positive record of Debt Repayment.

Myth #3: Checking your own credit report will lower your score.

Truth: Checking your own credit report will not lower your score. It is considered a soft inquiry, which does not impact your credit score.

Myth #4: Paying off debt will immediately improve your credit score.

Truth: Paying off your debt is a surefire way to improve your credit score, though it may take a while for the positive impact of this action to be seen in your report. Unfortunately, settling certain types of debts such as collection accounts could fail to yield immediate benefits for you when it comes to improving your credit rating.
To have your credit repaired, you can hire us for the service.

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Managing Your Credit Card Debt

Worried about the debt you have racked up on your credit cards? Unfortunately, this is something that many Americans can relate to. On average, people are left with a whopping $6270 balance! While for some individuals this might not seem like an issue, for others it may be too much of a financial burden to handle.

Transferring Your Balance or Seeking Help

Are you having a hard time paying off your credit card debt? Worry not, as there are several solutions that could help. One potential remedy is to transfer your balance to a 0% APR credit card; this will give you the chance to pay less interest and settle all of your debts much faster. An additional option could be working with companies like Century Credit Processing Group that specialize in providing counseling or settling debt. Our experienced professionals can assist in negotiating lower interest rates with creditors, as well as creating a tailor-made payment plan based on customers’ individual budgets.

Can Credit Card Debt Be Forgiven?

It is sometimes possible to escape credit card debt through bankruptcy or debt settlement, yet it's essential to understand that neglecting your obligations won't make them disappear. If payments are becoming unmanageable, you must take action immediately before the issue amplifies. Reach out for help and don't delay in taking control of your financial future.

Why Choose Century Credit Processing Group?

Century Credit Processing Group is proud to boast a record of accomplishment in helping our customers restore their credit ratings and get out from under the financial burdens that limit them. Our team of professional debt-assistance experts offers comprehensive services that will help you rebuild your Credit Score quickly and easily. With a proven track record of success, we're one of the best credit repair companies to help you get back on track.

Paying Off Your Credit Card Debt

Everyone's budget and monetary situation are unique, meaning that the optimal method for paying off credit card debt will vary from one person to another. Whether you require making larger payments each month or prefer smaller installments over a longer timeline, our team can help craft an efficient plan tailored just for you.

Take Control of Your Credit Card Debt

Don't allow credit card debt to be the puppet master of your life. Reach out to Century Credit Processing Group today and let us support you in reclaiming control over your finances, so that you can once again embark upon a journey toward financial independence.

Merchant Services/Credit Cards

If you are considering taking control of your credit health and improving your financial standing, Century Credit Processing Group offers the perfect solutions. Through their merchant services, secured cards, and mobile banking apps, they provide a powerful way to build excellent credit scores. With these tools in hand, you can confidently reach good standing with creditors while enjoying all of the benefits that come along with it!

Merchant Services: Payment Solutions to Boost Your Credit Score

Merchant services can enable companies to accept payments from customers by credit card. This is beneficial for overall financial health because timely payments and low balances reported to relevant bureaus will result in an enhanced credit score. Consequently, maintaining a good payment history with merchant services gives businesses the chance to build their reputation and secure greater access to capital that helps support growth throughout their operation.

Century Credit Processing Group has a slew of payment solutions to assist businesses, like POS terminals, virtual terminals, mobile payments and e-commerce integrations. These services allow companies to accept credit and debit card payments from their clients effortlessly. Paying for everyday expenses such as rent or bills with a credit card is an advantageous move since it boosts the payment history on your report which yields higher scores overall.

In order to start accepting credit and debit card payments from your customers, it is necessary to open a merchant services account. When assessing an application for eligibility, the payment processor will review aspects such as business information, credit history, and sales volume. In today's digital world, having a Merchant Services Account is an absolute must for businesses looking to stay competitive. Offering customers more payment alternatives and the added convenience of secure transactions helps build confidence in your customer base—ultimately propelling success on all fronts.

Secured Credit Cards: A Dependable Way to Improve Your Credit Health

Looking to boost your credit score? A secured credit card is a perfect way to do it. It requires a security deposit for collateral in case of default, making it much simpler than obtaining an unsecured one. Additionally, payments made on time are reported back to the three main bureaus; this assists with improving your rating right away! Maintain low balances and make wise spending decisions over time and you will discover even more profound effects happening with those scores.

Debt Settlement: A Viable Option for Those Struggling to Repay Debts

Are you struggling to pay off your debts in full? If so, debt settlement is a viable choice for you. Through this process, qualified consumers can negotiate with creditors to reduce the amount of what they owe. Curious about whether or not you qualify and how it all works? We'll cover that here along with any risks and benefits associated with the practice.

Qualifications for Debt Settlement

To qualify for debt settlement, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be behind on your payments
  • Have a source of income to make settlements
  • Be able to save a lump sum of money to use for settlements
  • Be willing to stop incurring new debt

If you meet these qualifications, you may be a good candidate for debt settlement.

The Process of Debt Settlement

Taking the first step in settling your debt can be intimidating, but Century Credit Processing Group is here to help. We are a trustworthy debt settlement company that will review your financial situation and inform you if you qualify for our services. So don't hesitate to contact us today! If you meet the requirements, we will work with your creditors to reach an agreement that is advantageous for both sides. Upon settling on a pay-off amount, you are held accountable for paying money owed to the debt settlement company, and then they will disburse payments to your lenders.

Benefits of Debt Settlement

Debt settlement offers several benefits, including:

  • Avoiding bankruptcy
  • Reducing the amount you owe
  • Stopping collection calls and other harassment from creditors
  • Improving your credit score over time

At Century Credit Processing Group, we have made it our mission to help thousands of individuals and businesses manage their debt. Our team is composed of experts in the field, including attorneys specializing in a variety of Debt Relief Services that are capable of providing you with lasting solutions for your financial troubles. Let us show you how to get out from under your debts once and for all.

Risks of Debt Settlement

Debt settlement can be an appropriate choice for those having trouble in paying off their debts, yet it does come with certain risks that should not be taken lightly. These include:

  • Damage to your credit score
  • Lawsuits from creditors
  • Taxes on the forgiven debt

Prior to agreeing to anything, it's critical that you comprehend the potential risks. Consequently, consulting a financial advisor or attorney for advice surrounding your debt is always recommended. You can receive an obligation-free consultation at Century Credit Processing Group and get in contact with our experienced attorneys today.

Debt Settlement vs. Paying in Full: A Comparison of Options

When contending with debt, people may ponder whether it's wiser to settle the total amount due or go for a debt reconciliation program. The answer depends entirely upon an individual’s specific financial circumstances.

Paying in Full: The Best Option

When financially possible, fully paying off debt is often the most favorable option. This will not only allow you to be entirely free from your obligation and avoid any harm to your credit score, but it also safeguards against potential legal concerns associated with nonpayment of debts.

Debt Settlement: A Viable Alternative

If an individual is having difficulty making payments and facing financial distress, a debt settlement plan may be their best option. This type of arrangement allows them to talk with creditors about reducing the total amount owed. Although it could have adverse effects on credit scores, this choice helps avoid bankruptcy and other legal proceedings.

Understanding the Statute of Limitations

It is imperative to understand that each state has a time frame, known as the statute of limitations, in which creditors are legally allowed to sue you for unpaid debt. Commonly, this period usually falls between two and six years; however, there are exceptions to this such as federal student loans with an extended 20-year timeframe. It is crucial to check if the statute of limitations has expired before filing a Lawsuit for unpaid debt. If it has, suing may no longer be an option and creditors will have to either work out an agreement or accept their losses.

how can i get out of debt without paying in Hayden

How can I get out of debt without paying?

Eradicating debt doesn't have to be done through paying, and filing for bankruptcy is an alternative solution that may help you start anew. Although this will grant you fresh beginnings, it can severely damage your credit score and decrease the likelihood of being approved for future loans. Getting out of debt without paying it in full is possible by negotiating a settlement with your creditors - essentially allowing you to pay less than what you initially owed. You can do this on your own, or take advantage of our services and let us handle the process for you. As a last resort, you could attempt to have your debt canceled or forgiven (if the debt has been around for many years or if you can demonstrate that the debt was never yours in the first place).

Understanding Bankruptcy: Types, Benefits, Drawbacks, and What Happens Next

Bankruptcy is a legally viable option for those who are struggling to pay their debts. This process can wipe out most of the debt and give you time to repay what remains, thus providing a new beginning financially. Before heading down this path, however, it's essential that one understands the potential consequences involved in declaring bankruptcy.

Types of Bankruptcy

There are two primary types of bankruptcy: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the most popular option for debtors seeking a fresh start. This type of bankruptcy allows for the liquidation of non-exempt assets, where a trustee will take over and use the money from these sales to pay off creditors before discharging any remaining debts. Essentially, it's an opportunity to get your finances in order without having to bear all the weight of unmanageable debt that can come with financial hardship.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is an ideal option for those who are seeking to reorganize their debt and pay off a portion of what they owe. This form of bankruptcy allows you to create a repayment plan over three to five years, with the remaining debt then being discharged upon completion.

Benefits of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy offers numerous benefits, including:

1. Fresh Start:

Bankruptcy provides a lifeline to those concerned with debts, offering an opportunity for individuals to start anew and construct a more solid financial future.

2. Creditor Harassment:

Bankruptcy can be a lifesaver for those struggling to make ends meet, as it puts an immediate stop to creditor harassment and allows you the comfort of knowing that your debts are being handled.

Drawbacks of Bankruptcy

Declaring bankruptcy has some drawbacks, including:

1. Credit Report:

Lasting up to 10 years, bankruptcy can mar your credit report and make it difficult to obtain fresh lines of credit.

2. Asset Loss:

Depending on the type of bankruptcy filed, individuals may be required to part with some valuable assets such as their home or car.

Making the Decision

Before making the decision to declare bankruptcy, it is essential that you take into account all potential alternatives. Ultimately, only those facing financial hardship can decide if filing for bankruptcy is their best option.

What Happens After You File Bankruptcy?

Immediately upon filing for bankruptcy protection, an automatic stay is triggered which effectively puts all of your creditors on pause. You will then be required to attend a meeting with the court-appointed Trustee and any creditors who wish to ask questions about the details of your petition and schedules. Additionally, you will need to partake in credit counseling and debtor education courses. After you fulfill the necessary criteria, your debts will be eliminated and with that comes a whole new beginning. If you are entertaining the idea of filing for bankruptcy, get in touch with Century Credit Processing Group today to gain insight into all of the possibilities available for your circumstances so that an informed decision can be made.

Do You Get Out of All Debts if You Declare Bankruptcy?

Unfortunately, certain debts cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. These include child support payments, alimony, taxes and student loans. You must also continuously pay any secured debts you may have accrued such as a mortgage or car loan.

Debt Relief Options: Strategies and Considerations

Debt relief refers to the act of reducing or eliminating debt through negotiations with creditors. Let’s learn about the four main types of debt relief: debt settlement, debt consolidation, debt management, and debt counseling. Furthermore, let’s explore the benefits and drawbacks of debt relief, when to seek professional help, and how to qualify for debt relief as well. Ready to be debt-free? Debt relief presents an opportunity for you, allowing you to reduce or eliminate your financial obligations through communication with creditors. We'll dive into the four primary forms of debt resolution: settlement, consolidation, Management & Counseling—while also assessing their advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, we’ll shed light on when it's best to seek professional advice on getting out of debt as well as how one qualifies for such services.

Types of Debt Relief Strategies

Debt Settlement: To come to a mutually beneficial agreement, debtors and creditors can enter into negotiations so that the debtor is able to pay off their full balance with reduced payments.

Debt Consolidation: Consolidating your debt into a single loan at a more advantageous rate is the perfect way to take control of your financial future.

Debt Management: Struggling to pay off multiple debts? Consider a Debt Management Plan! This repayment plan consists of monthly payments made directly to a credit counseling agency who will then distribute the funds amongst your creditors. Make one payment and hit all your debt obligations at once — it doesn't get easier than this.

Debt Counseling: An insightful journey for debtors to work with a credit counselor in order to set achievable financial objectives and construct an organized system of escape from the depths of indebtedness.

Benefits of Debt Relief

Reduced Stress and Anxiety. Debt relief can be a powerful tool to alleviate stress and anxiety caused by high amounts of debt. By reducing what you owe, it is possible to improve your overall financial health. Improved Credit Score. Finishing a debt relief program can boost your credit score, paving the way for lower interest rates on loans and credit cards down the line. More Money for Other Expenses. By reducing the burden of debt payments, more monthly funds will be available for covering other costs.

Drawbacks of Debt Relief

Damage to Credit Score. Depending on which debt relief option you decide on, your credit score may be adversely impacted.

Lingering Debt: Although certain forms of debt relief may not entirely rid the debtor of their financial obligation, they still need to cover the remaining balance.

Upfront Costs: Unfortunately, certain forms of debt relief may include upfront fees that could potentially add to your total financial burden.

Choosing the Right Debt Relief Option for Your Financial Situation

Carrying debt can be overwhelming and worrisome, but there are numerous relief options to help you manage and eventually get rid of it. However, finding the right one may prove tricky, particularly if you're not familiar with the available alternatives. To make sure your choice is suitable for you financially, consider your current standing as well as your desired future goals. If you have a large sum of money to invest in your debt, and if you can negotiate with creditors for a lower payment total, debt settlement may be the best option. Debt consolidation is more suitable when it comes to obtaining an advantageous interest rate on a loan and managing timely payments each month. On the other hand, if creating budgeting plans while maintaining good credit score health is important to you, you might consider exploring debt counseling or management services that are tailored toward providing guidance information.

When Should You Consider Seeking Professional Help for Your Debt?

If you're having difficulty keeping up with your regular payments, or if debt relief options are tempting you that could affect your credit score, it may be time to seek professional help. Expert assistance can lead the way to craft a debt management plan tailored to your financial situation. A credit counseling organization is able to assess and analyze your monetary circumstance, build a budget, devise an approach toward getting out of debt, and even negotiate with creditors on your behalf in order to get them to agree on more beneficial conditions.

Qualifying for Debt Relief: What You Need to Know

When selecting a debt relief option, it is essential to be aware of the qualifications you must meet. If your preferred method involves debt settlement, you need funds available to cover what's due. On the other hand, with debt consolidation in mind, one should possess an excellent credit score if aiming for a loan with more favorable terms and rates. Lastly, opting for a debt management plan necessitates having trouble keeping up with monthly payments as this service helps create repayment strategies that are manageable and sustainable long-term.

Is Debt Forgiveness an Option?

Depending on your form of debt, where you live and to whom you owe money, forgiveness may be an available path. Certain countries have regulations that enable the pardoning of particular kinds of debt like student loans. Moreover, a creditor might also agree to reduce or forgive some part of what's owed in exchange for payment arrangements. However, it is important to consider that not every instance allows for such mercy—it could even cause long-term damage to your credit score. For this reason, it is crucial to consult with trained professionals before making decisions regarding forgiving debts.

Getting Started with Debt Relief: How a Credit Counseling Agency Can Help

Ready to take charge of your finances and break the debt cycle? Begin with a call to Century Credit Processing Group! Our professional team will analyze your financial situation, build an effective budget, and construct a strategy that can help you overcome debt. We'll even negotiate terms on your behalf with creditors so they may be more likely to accept better deals. So don't wait - reach out to us today for the first step in finding freedom from crushing debts.

Understanding Foreclosure and Its Impact

Foreclosure: When a borrower fails to make timely payments on their loan, lenders have the legal right to initiate foreclosure proceedings. This process begins with a notice of default sent to the borrower and can culminate in an auction where ownership rights are transferred from borrower to lender. It's essential for borrowers facing this situation to understand their options so they can make well-informed decisions about how best to move forward.

The Consequences of Foreclosure

Not only can foreclosure do a number on your credit score and make it hard to secure new loans in the future, but you also run the risk of losing your home. In order to prevent this unfortunate outcome, homeowners should consider all available avenues that may protect them from foreclosure.

Avoiding Foreclosure

To stay away from foreclosure, it is crucial to make timely payments of mortgage installments. In case you are having a hard time making these payments, reach out to your lender without delay and investigate possibilities like refinancing or revising the terms of your loan.

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

To save yourself from the damaging repercussions of foreclosure, a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure is an ideal choice. This involves voluntarily transferring ownership to your lender, thereby preventing any further issues with your credit score.

Understanding Liens on Property

Property owners must be wary of the financial repercussions liens can have. A lien is a legal document that gives the holder, or "lienee", the right to sell off said property if its owner fails to pay their debt. There are two kinds of liens - voluntary and involuntary - that can drastically affect your finances should you ever come across them.

Voluntary Liens Explained

By signing off on it, owners can place a voluntary lien onto their properties. The most popular form of this is definitely the mortgage (which functions when an owner obtains financing to acquire said property). Other cases involve home equity loans and lines of credit as examples of voluntary liens.

Involuntary Liens Explained

In contrast to voluntary liens, involuntary liens are placed on the property without the owner's permission. The most frequently encountered is the tax lien which appears when taxes remain unpaid. Other examples include judgments from lawsuits or delinquent child support payments.

Implications of Liens on Property

Placing a lien on someone's property, or having one placed upon your own land can be a financial burden that is difficult to overcome. Selling the property or attempting to obtain a loan against it becomes nearly impossible due to these legal claims, as well as other steps such as refinancing mortgages and home equity loans. Therefore, if you are considering placing liens, understanding how they work beforehand is vital for avoiding potential conflicts later down the line.

Credit Restoration

What does credit restoration mean?

Credit restoration is the key to unlocking a higher credit score and improving your financial health. It involves identifying any questionable information on your credit report, then contesting it with the hope that it will be removed and help boost up those scores.

What is the difference between credit repair and credit restoration?

Credit repair simply entails the correction of errors on your credit report, while credit restoration encompasses the elimination of negative items from that same document. Credit repair organizations act in your favor and can really help you build and restore your credit.

How can Century Credit Processing Group help me with my credit restoration?

At Century Credit Processing Group, we have a team of trained professionals in the credit field, including attorneys specializing in consumer and business debt relief. We’ve helped hundreds  of clients deal with consumer and business debt, and we are in full compliance with all credit reporting guidelines and regulations. If you want to improve your credit score, we can help! Get in touch with us today. Credit Card Debt Lawsuit

What's the worst that can happen if I don't pay my credit card debt?

If you don't settle your credit card debt, the worst result is that the credit issuer will bring a lawsuit against you. In case of an absence in court, or if they win the trial, they can get approval to collect on what's owed from you. The Fair Credit Reporting Act specifies that a judgment is an official court ruling that obliges you to pay the credit card company. If the debt isn't repaid, they can collect it by garnishing your wages or placing a lien on your assets as per their legal right.

What happens when your credit card company sues you?

If your credit card company takes you to court, you will be sent a summons and complaint. The summons is a notification of the lawsuit being brought against you; while the complaint outlines how much money they believe that you owe them. You'll be given a limited span of time, usually 30 days, to answer the summons and complaint issued against you. If you are unsuccessful in responding within that period, the credit card company will acquire an uncontested judgment against you. Subsequently, they must present evidence/proof as to what they claim is owed by you. This normally involves submitting court documents showcasing your history with their credit cards and any relevant charges made on it over time. If the credit card company is unable to demonstrate that you owe them money, then you are sure to win your case. However, should they be able to evidence your debt, a judgment will be issued against you by the court of law.

How Century Credit Processing Group Helps with Credit Card Debt Lawsuits

Are you facing a debt lawsuit? Don't try to tackle it by yourself - call Century Credit Processing Group today and let us provide you with a free consultation on how to best handle your situation. Our team of knowledgeable professionals will help ensure that your rights are protected, allowing for the most successful outcome possible in your case.

Medical Bills and Judgements

Can medical debt be forgiven?

Absolutely not. While medical debt cannot be forgiven, it can be erased by filing bankruptcy. When you file for bankruptcy protection, your medical debts will vanish with any other unsecured debt such as credit card bills or personal loans.

What is a medical judgment?

When creditors take you to court and win the case, a medical judgment is issued against you. The ruling of this order requires that an outstanding debt owed to them must be paid by any means necessary - which can mean anything from garnishing your wages or taking all available funds in your bank account. In other words, it's best not to ignore those looming medical bills.

Can I negotiate a medical judgment?

It is entirely possible to negotiate a medical judgment. All you need to do is get in contact with the creditor and attempt to arrange an appropriate payment plan or settlement. Unfortunately, if no agreement can be made, bankruptcy remains an option - this will subsequently discharge your debt altogether. At Century Credit Processing Group, we specialize in debt judgments and are passionate about helping you find the best solution. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your debt judgment needs.

Are some companies dragging you to court?!

If any of the following companies are suing you, take action now and find out how our innovative services at Century Credit Processing Group can help you exceed the competition. Contact us today at 310-728-9741 for more information.

  • Amex
  • American Express
  • Bank Of America
  • Sued By Capital One
  • Chase
  • Citi Bank
  • Discover
  • US Bank
  • Midland Credit
  • Midland Funding
  • Cavalry
  • Portfolio

Let Century Credit Processing Group help! Credit repair services and agencies often come with a hefty price tag - but not when it comes to Century Credit Processing Group. We'll provide fast, reliable assistance so that you can get back on track financially without breaking the bank. Don't let credit problems drag you down any longer. Contact us today for affordable solutions.

Century Credit Processing Group is critical for businesses to thrive in the digital world. If you partner with a dependable provider like Century Credit Group, your cash flow can be improved and risks minimized while also providing customers with an excellent experience - all of which leads to increased growth and profitability.

Praise From Our Happy Clients About Credit Restoration Company

"I was skeptical about using a debt settlement company at first, but I was running out of options. That's when I found Century Credit Processing Group. They helped me understand my options and worked with me to develop a plan that fit my needs and budget. I would highly recommend Century Credit Processing Group to anyone struggling with debt."

Brianna J Haney

"I had been struggling with debt for years and didn't know where to turn. That's when I found Century Credit Processing Group. When I contacted them, I felt like I was in good hands. The team was patient, empathetic, and truly cared about helping me get back on track. Thanks to their guidance and support. I can't recommend Century Credit Processing Group highly enough!"

Margaret S Pate

"I was hesitant to try a credit repair service at first, but after struggling with low credit scores for years, I decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did! The team at Century Credit Processing Group was professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. I would confidently recommend Century Credit Processing Group to anyone looking to improve their credit! Thanks to their efforts"

Salvatore H Wilson